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KH Dance Academy offers dance classes for all ages and abilities, so whether you are a beginner or intermediate, we have a class for you. We even offer classes for mature adults looking to get back into fitness or to relive a childhood hobby in ballet or tap.

Social benefits

Adult dance classes with KH Dance Academy are a great way to boost your social life. Take a break from your day to day chores in a fun and friendly environment.

What's available?

Adult Ballet & Tap Classes

All levels of experience welcome to join Ballet and Tap classes that follow the principles of the genre to establish an ability or revitalise the ability to dance.

Adult dance classes in Middlesex & Surrey

Fitness Classes

General limbering & fitness including muscle and core work followed with a routine for the older adult.

Are you looking for an adult dance class in Middlesex or Surrey? Call Kathryn today on

Zumba Gold:

Zumba Gold follows the Zumba programme which is low-impact with easy to follow routines, we recommend this for the older adult or those looking to get back into fitness.

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